Langsam wachs ma zamm deutsche Übersetzung
von Wolfgang Ambros

Langsam wachs ma zamm Lyrics Übersetzung

We laugh a lot
We often argue
We're flying over the sea
We exactly know when it's enough
but we always want more.
Sometimes we are complete strangers
but happy to have each other.
We have each other, we like each other
and slowly we grow together.

We often don't see each other for 2 months,
it's like that and it's part of it,
but we don't risk anything,
we check each other daily,
we don't let each other alone,
Sometimes we are incredibly wild,
but sometimes it's normal,
and sometimes we are silent,
sometimes we are intolerable,
and slowly we grow together.

We mostly do the same things,
but seldomly we think the same things,
and if you want to, you surprise me
everyday anew.

You imagine that what you got,
is what you what you take,
but that we two found each other
is mostly destiny.

We stay together
as long as we want
and as long we feel for each other.
And somehow
I think I feel
it is for the whole life.
Sometimes it's easy,
and then again it isn't,
and sometimes it's simply a dream,
but actually it's indescribable,
and slowly we grow together.

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