I glaub i geh jetzt English translation
von Wolfgang Ambros

I glaub i geh jetzt Lyrics Übersetzung

I think I'm leaving now, it's time
I have been together with you much too long
I think I'm leaving now, because I know well
If I stayed any longer
I would lose my sense of biting humour
And I won't like that

I've tried everything, please believe me
And I really had no intention to insult anybody
I've tried, but there's no compromise
Between honesty and deception
Even if it seems so easy
And may be common practice

Maybe I shouldn't have talked so much
And maybe I should have done more
What others want me to do
I shouldn't have been so nasty
Then I'll have much more to say
And I'd feel closer to you

I think I'm leaving now, I'm looking at me.
In fact, I'm no longer here anymore
I think I'm leaving now, it feels to me
As if I had never been here before
I could just as well be
At some other place

Where nobody is there, who keeps thinking
That he has to tell me
That he can't stand me
And that it'll work all the same without me
Because you think, I don't know it

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