Frgt/10 (Alchemist feat. Chali 2na) Songtext
von Linkin Park

Frgt/10 (Alchemist feat. Chali 2na) Songtext

We're stuck in a place so dark, you can hardly see
A manner of matter that splits with the words I breathe
And as the rain drips acidic questions around me
I block out the sight of the powers that be
And duck away into the darkness, times up
I wind up in a rusted world with eyes shut
So tight that it blurs into the world of pretend
Then the eyes ease open and it's dark again

In the memory you'll find me
Eyes burning up
The darkness holding me tightly
Until the sun rises up

Listen to the sound, dizzy from the ups and downs
And nauseated by the polluted rock that's all around
Watchin' the wheels of cars that pass
I look past to the last of the light and the long shadows it casts
A window grows, captures the eye
And cries out a yellow light as it passes me by
And a young, shadowy figure sits in front of a box
Inside a building of rock with antennas on top
Now, nothing can stop in this land of the pain
The sane lose, not knowing they were part of the game
And while the insides change, the box stays the same
And the figure inside could bear anybody's name
The memories I keep are from a time like then
I put on my paper so I could come back to them
Someday I'm hopin' to close my eyes and pretend
That this crumpled up paper can be perfect again

From the top to the bottom (Bottom to top I stop)
At the core I've forgotten (In the middle of my thoughts)
Taken far from my safety (The picture's there)
The memory won't escape me

I'm here at this podium talking, the ceremonial offerings
Dedicated to urban dysfunctional offspring
What's happening?
City governments are eternally napping
Trapped in gritty covenants, causin' urban collapsing
Bullets that scar souls, with dark holds, get more than your car stole
Some hearts be blacker than charcoal for real
This society's deprivation depends, not on our differences
But the separation within
No preparation is made, limited aid, and minimum wage
Livin' in a tenement cage where rent isn't paid
Tragedy within a parade
The darkness overspreads like a permanent plague
I'm the forgotten

In the memory you'll find me
Eyes burning up
The darkness holding me tightly
Until the sun rises up

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