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Der Song ist super ich liebe ihn und spiel in auch schon auf der Gitarre !

P Paul Fenech P Paul Fenech - The "F" Word von Shut the fuck up

fuck you


Das Lied ist nicht von Tarkan, sondern von dem berühmten Volksdichter Asik Veysel Satiroglu. Tarkan hat das Lied lediglich gecovert!

Echt cool Andreas bourani

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Just love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

One does not need to go out of their way to see the "Chocolate Jesus" phenomenon in America's citizens, politicians, stores, and churches...(is there even a difference b/t the last two?)
Salvation is bought and sold in america...


America has commoditized religion (hence, chocolate Jesus wrapped in cellophane) -
it has been monetized (sold at "candy store"), exploited (melted and poured over ice cream), and, most importantly, disconnected from its origins (don't get down on my knees to pray... memorize books of my own special way). Christianity is used and abused (makes the chocolate eater happy and is good enough...but the eater doesn't go out of their way for the religion, just uses for personal comfort).

Haha, ich glaub ich mach mal ein Cover davon :'D Aber ein richtiges Rap-Cover nicht diese Akustik-Versionen >.<