Imbecile Songtext
von Mike Batt

Imbecile Songtext

"With the eyes of a fool", he said,
"You see the state you're in,
And still you stumble through your stupid life,
Still you laugh and grin;

Vagabond on a winding road
That only leads you down,
Blind to the dangers and dismay
That wipe the innocent smile away

From the face of a laughing clown."
Imbecile, you are acting like a fool again,
In a world of thieves all ready to run you down,
Imbecile, they are waiting till you make the first mistake,

And you're going to make it,
That's why I'll always call you an Imbecile.
"You weren't always a sorcerer,"
The Joker then replied,

"It seems to me you learned it on the way,
You lived by tricks and lies;
Standing around in your juggler's gown,
There seems no reason why;

Flashing your eyes and casting spells
With candles and signs and magic bells,
Oh, you are the fool, not I."
Imbecile, you can call me that if you feel the need,

But life is short and I am living it while I can.
If it rains, I'll get wet but in the sunshine I'll be dry,
It is you who are foolish,
Just 'cause I laugh don't call me an Imbecile.

"We both are right" said the sorcerer,
"And both of us are wrong,
For though we walk this road we don't know where it leads,
We only know it's long.

You have something to learn from me,
And I can learn from you;
You with your jokes and simple plans
And me with my tricks and sleight of hands,

Together we could get through."
Imbecile, we are dancing down a darkened road,
Though the stars are out, not one of us knows the way
Imbeciles up ahead of us and millions more behind,

And we're laughing and smiling,
That's why I say we're all of us Imbeciles.

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