Whispering Fools Songtext
von Mike Batt

Whispering Fools Songtext

Whispering fools
(Doctors mutter medical opinions)
Supervisor 444:
This young man is clearly a genetic throwback.
He seems to be experiencing primeval urges and feelings which, frankly,
Unless we can terminate, will contaminate others, and threaten the entire structure
Of our society.

Number 17 (sung):
Sons of the State
Resigned to their fate,
They follow their orders, they don't break laws
Working for the cause.
Like doctors in the dark,
They stab for the heart,
And talking profoundly, stumble numbly on,
Everything is wrong.

Whispering fools,
I seem to be surrounded by
Whispering fools,
I seem to be hounded by
Whispering fools.

Like rats on the run,
They hide from the sun,
They programme themselves to get through every day,
Throw their lives away.
They're cold in the night
Don't know what it's like
To feel anything for someone like I do
When I think of you.


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