Du hattest keine Tränen mehr deutsche Übersetzung
von Peter Maffay

Du hattest keine Tränen mehr Lyrics Übersetzung

YOU DIDN'T HAVE TEARS anymore (Peter Maffay)

I do not think,
that I would be missed by anyone ...
.... because the one, who I want to miss me...
doesn't care about me!

I do not think,
that I would miss anything,
because what I got to know ...
I didn't care about.

I do not think,
that I have something to expect ...
because what I wanted to wait for was tenderness from him ....

I do not think,
that I want to live any longer.
If I died now..
I could dream the world
as it was not.

You had no more tears...
Yesterday when we met.
You trembled ...
your eyes were empty.
I listened to you and warmed you ...
Pulled you off the street ....
and took you home with me.

I also don't think
you would be missed by that  man ...
that you want to miss you so much ...
Because he is not right for you!

I think very much,
that you would mis something ...
because what you got to know
that was just the beginning!

I know exactly...
that you have something to expect.
What you should wait for
is tenderness from me!

I very much wish
that you would want to keep living ......
If we stick together
we endure the world ....
just the way it is.

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