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von Peter Maffay

Du Lyrics Übersetzung

1) In your eyes, I can read so much
That's telling me
That you're sharing the same feeling with me
You're the girl that belongs to me
I'm just living for you

2) You're everything I have in this world
You're everything I want
Only you can understand me
You, you should never leave me anymore

3) Since we know eachother
My life has been colourful and beautiful
And it's beautiful just because of you
Whatever may happen, I'll stay with you
I'll never let you down

(Refrain Vers 2)

4) Please listen, I wanna tell you something
That I've never said before to any other girl
I love you
Yes I love you
And I'll love you forever
Ever and ever
Just you

5) Wherever I'll be
Whatever I'll do
I have an aim
And this aim is you
Is you
Is you

6) I can't say what you are for me
Tell me that I'll never lose you
I can't live without you anymore
Nothing can separate us from eachother

(Refrain Vers 2)

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