Dreaming With Our Eyes Open Songtext
von Witt Lowry

Dreaming With Our Eyes Open Songtext

Stuck in the same room in the same mood
Everybody tried to tell me what I can't do
Everybody tried to tell me that I changed too
And I changed lanes from you lame dudes
It's been a minute since I spilled my pain
Had to take a step back and look at life in a different way
If you want the change, you gotta be the change
Now we're all the same
Nobody wanna take the reins, nobody wanna push their brain
Nobody will admit that they're fake for the facts they claim
You see we're all imperfect in a perfect way
And while we work all day, we're all work no play
We're slaved to the loans and the bills we pay
You consume a double cheese when the radio play
Mainstream, Mickey D's and my shit gourmet
I've been up for seven days straight
Trying to figure out my fate
Trying to figure out any way to put food on my plate
But I sold a few tee's so I'm eating today
Okay, I'm doing okay, could probably do better

Came home to a letter, eviction
I know I don't fit your description of a rapper
But me I'm a clearer, they threw all the cheddar
I know everything that glitter ain't gold
Life is the clay, you too busy to mold
Time here is taking it's toll
We spend all our time without passion and then we get old
Was told, I should go quit
But none of you see all the letters I get from these kids
Who hurt from within and don't wanna live
And tell me my music is all that can give them hope
Yeah, all we need it some hope
And they tell me their family's broken and broke
They using my music to cope
I've been on that boat, held down by a rope
Held down by a string, y'all looking for things
I'm looking to change the perception of people and all of the beautiful things that it brings
Yeah, record in my closet, don't make enough profit
Y'all used to have morals and somehow you lost it
Don't care about the money I spend on my coffin
I care bout the people attending
And often we're lost, lost in this world
We're selfish to think, I could find happiness in a girl
We're selfish to think we're elite, we destroy and deplete
Our whole planet no smarter than squirrels
So who wants to talk about that? Who wants to talk about facts
Maybe I'd be in your mag if I added tunechi or bap-bap
Or I talked about weed when I rap
But fuck all of that, the voice of the youth
The voice of the people, the real and the truth
The voice of the one who had nothing to lose
I speak for a heart that's been broken and beaten and bruised
I'm tired of holes in my shoes
Tired of having to move, tired of coming unglued
Tired of cleaning your table and serving you food
We are what we choose, if only you knew the shit that I've seen
I can't tell if I'm lucid or living the dream
I don't do it for me, do it all for the team
I remember back living when I was a teen
And my grandma she said I was worthless
And my teachers said I had no purpose
And my mama she said I was perfect
I'm sitting on Twitter while I should be working on verses

You're worth it, and when you feel weak
The deeper the trench, the higher the peak
See y'all are a piece of my legacy
Cause you believe we can be anything and I wanna be... me

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