Coupons Songtext
von Witt Lowry

Coupons Songtext

Couple more bills are hear
You tell me don′t worry you
Coupons on the table, yeahh
Tryna find a way to buy food
And i'm feeling so lost out here
I run to you
And i′m feeling so lost our here
I run to you run to you
Running is something you
And i had to know well
Honestly no scars i won't tell honestly scared to death i won't sell
I ain′t worried about the money
Go to benefit the hungry
Its a feeling that i know we both felt
And i ain′t no help
Cause i'm trying to live a dream
And it means that it seems I got no wealth
And we know hell
Seen it twice
Looks something like a bottle with a glass of ice

It looks something like a house over half our life
It looks something like a letter turning off the lights
We can′t pay the price
How i am i gonna write at night with no lights
And I want it more i see you charging up a bill that you can't afford
So i pray for the day that i can say that i gave you more
Gave you more
Open that door
You know you deserve it
And one day in the future you′ll realize that one day all the pain it was worth it
And i get you that house out in Florida with gizmo that view will be perfect
You should know that i feel like you raised me alone because daddy was worthless
Never was working
Drunk on the couch
I'm almost ashamed that i came from you know
You finally got sober
You figured it out
But you sit and you pout
No ones ever around when i cap in the gown for sobriety found
And forget about years about you letting me down
I′m surrounded by people who care about me now
Now i'm cutting you out and i like how it sound
Yeah, i know that we been through it all No, we don't fall, nobody can break us Cause
You believe in me Believe in me that I′m gon make it And I promise on my bones I′ve
Built this home I've built it all for you, just know I built it all for you x2
And ontop of it all
You call my phone: "mark, the car broke while driving home, just found out we gotta
Leave our home you see I′m tryna pay the bills in this student loan
You see I could have signed a deal, but I wanna keep it real I can barely buy a meal
Got me feeling broke
Until I'm sitting on a bill I ain′t worried bout a mill now i'm hoping that I bring
It to the people, hope the used to laugh and joke, they used to push me down
I had to find my soul inside I′m lost and found would have been better of without a
Dad around I know it's sad to say, but can you blame me now?
Can you blame me now?
Yelling and screaming alcohol over us what were you thinking I'm tired of watching
You drinking
I tried to be nice, okay now I′m hoping to sink in
And when there was nothing to eat I had friends who were feeding me dinner Drived
To your house, stomach would growl
Open the door and, you notice that I′ve been getting thinner been working all winter
Been losing my mind, I've been stuck in my room it analysing my lines
But me, I′m tryna get to know me
Momma working at a two jobs ot we got two things in common
We fight and believe now I'm trimming the leaves on the family tree
I don′t do this for me, me I do this for we
We got passion and heart, we're apart of a ream
All I need is a mic and a mac and a beat
We′re a fraction of what we could actually be

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