Hiding Memories From the Sun Songtext
von Solar Fake

Hiding Memories From the Sun Songtext

To overcome the barricades
With walls far too high to climb upon
To see the place beyond
If I go blind I will be found
Why should something divide you from me?

Out of equilibrium
All the different ways have ended far too soon
Every dream is locked in my head
When I try to get out of bed
To drown the next day without you

Hiding memories on the run
No mistake becomes undone
Hiding memories from the sun
Could I erase it just to stun

Trapped simplicity
To long for bliss and hope and harmony
But contradiction smiles at me
I choose to turn my head away
To face the unavoidable end

To overcome the days
My last attempt to disregard gravity
The view is mostly blurred
But the perspective doesn′t hurt
I can't express how much I miss you

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