Stay Songtext
von Solar Fake

Stay Songtext

Is it already time to say a last goodbye?
I have not made these rules
And it seems we can′t get around
And the things I have learnt are of no importance now
And I hope I will never wake up again, so

Stay with me, always...
'Cause I won′t get over you
There's so much room in this life for you and me

There is nothing to say when all words are meaningless
No more breaks, not one day to take another breath
And the sun seems unfair if it shines on everyone but you
I can't stand this any longer, please stay...

I have tried, I have lied, I was wrong so many times
Well, I can′t just let go, I would take the pain from you if I could
But now come, take a rest in my arms
And don′t try to think about all the things we'll miss... so please stay...

Stay, please don′t go
Wake up now, 'cause life′s no longer worth anything without you
So why can't you just stay...

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