Not What I Wanted Songtext
von Solar Fake

Not What I Wanted Songtext

Just help yourself, I′m lying here
It's not the time to disappear
It still could get worse, but anyway
I′ll take the pills you offer me

I see myself on padded feet
Just take the steps that surely lead me to place where I can fade out all the noise that people make

Just leave me, just leave me out
Don't touch me

What did you say? Where have you gone?
Where are you now? I want some fun!
Let's just go out and bother some strangers who can get mad so easily

This is not what I wanted! My God, what have we become? Why haven′t we started?
It′s the play I've learnt from my heart, well, this is a nightmare, but it′s my life
This is not what I wanted, you're right but could you stop dramatizing what I said?
Got your point but hey, I′m alright, well, this is a nightmare, but it's my life

Still got some pride that′s left in me
I know you think I cannot see
You keep myself away from me
At least you try, occasionally
But after all I'm just okay
With everything still in my way
I just don't care enough today
Yet I don′t care

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