Where Are You Songtext
von Solar Fake

Where Are You Songtext

Where are you

You are unseizable like the sand that runs through my hands
And you′re flowing away with the waves
To alley the pain you can't stand any more

Within your thoughts there is no room for another game
To pretend and to act like whoever expects
There′s nothing left to respect

With your arms spread on the floor
You try to forget your life of yore
You are waiting for a better day
When you can ignore the things they say

And your fear is taking over again
The fight and struggle was all in vain
And the stars cannot light the way
To the place where you are today /

You feel the cuts that cover all of your naked skin
You remember each time when a drop of your blood
Has seeped into the ground

And you wonder why it's not hurting anymore
And you bear all the unspoken truths in your mind
There's nothing left to regret

I followed your trace again
But now I feel my strength has waned
I would give everything to see your starry eyes just for one more time

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