Bravery Songtext
von Assemblage 23

Bravery Songtext

Their words plunge like daggers
Focused, derisive laughter

A target outnumbered
Cornered and torn asunder

Cast out and rejected
Fragile and unprotected

A misfit pariah
Ridiculed, undesired

A font of strength is flowing like blood from open veins
A cache of courage to brace against the blinding pain
Each one of us fights battles no one else can see
Some days just waking up is an act of bravery

Self-image distorted
Reality contorted

Dysmorphic perception
Self-doubt and introspection

Devouring and purging
Toxic cycle emerging

The shame hold, the tears flow,
Unanswered prayers for control

Addiction, dependence
A slave in every sense

A pattern repeating
Pointless and self-defeating

Clock ticking, time squandered
Promises left unhonored

Will failing, hope dying
Obstacles multiplying

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