Pain Goes By Songtext
von Solar Fake

Pain Goes By Songtext

Pain goes by

The walls are too close now, I'm panting for air
And I still cannot remember how I got here
Unable to focus, it's all monochrome
In this unbearable cold

And I can't walk away
Barriers are obstructing the
The unhealed wounds will never ever vanish from my hands

My senses are fading, I'm not going blind
But the world around has lost all its attraction
The answers are grey and I don't care anymore
About the secrets of life

And when the morning comes
I'll feel a kind of strength in my arms
Repeating everything, but it harms
And every second of every day the sand runs through my hands

All my demons collide with the rage in myself I'm not getting over
Frontiers arise where the view was clear and new before
It can't make me cry, 'cause I wasted my tears so many years ago
Pain goes by, but it's leaving me insentient all alone

I opened the door and I tried to get out
But all that I got was another wall
Another prediction and another recall
Another fate in another war

I don't want to break, I don't care about the promises made
I'll never get for what I have paid
Now I feel for the first time that my life is in my hands

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