Where Angels Sing Songtext
von Meat Loaf

Where Angels Sing Songtext

Meet me downtown on the corner
I'll be waiting in a big yellow cab
Don't bring a suitcase
You won't need a thing
There'll be no worries
Where angels sing
I got my ticket in my hand
Oh, the price is paid in full
No man can stop me
Their words won't sting you
No dreams will haunt me
Where Angels sing
I get so weary
On this troubled road
Unlock these chains
And gently rock me home
Beyond the clouds and the rain
Where Angels sing
Where Angels sing
Where lies can't hurt

The flesh desert me
No in or out
No loss or doubt
No living with or doing without
Where money ain't the power king
And kindness is the most precious thing
Where angels sing
Oh, where angels sing
Where time means nothing
No hustle
No one rushing
Np dark of night
No hate or spite
No wrong or right
No day or night
No towns or no cities
There's no pain, no pity
Where hunger is no longer
And a good man just gets stronger
Where angels sing
Where angels sing
Where angels sing
Where angels sing
Where angels sing
Where angels sing

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