Sail Into the Black Songtext
von Machine Head

Sail Into the Black Songtext

We sail into the Black
And all those secrets
lost in your eyes
And all those regrets
that you hold inside
and all those memories left by design
and all those mysteries
lost in your eyes
lost in your eyes
we sail into the black
And all those footsteps
washed away in the tides
And all those droplets
Blood into wine
And all those heartaches
Tears that you've cried
And all those mistakes
Washed in the tides, washed in the tides
We sail into the Black
We sail into the Black

I stare at the stricken
The follies of man
And the horror that lives in your eyes
And once were forgiven
The mind explodes in waves of terror
Burn my eyes
Tear at the skin,
The Crawling beneath will begin
Side by side pounding the heretic drums as we rise
or we fall
And all these scars
The nightmare it calls
The fear and betrayal begin
We've come so far
The shit we ingest with a mouthfull of spit and protest
We sail into the black
The black candel fades
Go dissappear lost and forever Broken
Shattered like glass
The scars and the sex
The lies and the fables we tell
And all we are
This fate is your choice
Regrets that you'll take to the grave
These threads of silk
That held this together
Rotting and curdled as milk
We sail into the Black

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