Hell on Earth Songtext
von Iron Maiden

Hell on Earth Songtext

Beginning of a sunrise
Bores a big hole in the sky
Not to reason why that armed children are in this world
And fighting in the name of God′s way
Mourning bleak and utter waste
The vanity of the world is assured now

Prey upon the weak no more
The spirits of those who are gone
Propaganda of the battles that are lost or won
And count your blessings, still alive
Of those who managed to survive
Inside oblivion of that hell on earth

All you have been, all you have seen
Lost in somewhere in your dreams
How the angels they have fallen
All is nothing what it seems
In the voices that you hear now
In the voices in your head
Now are thinking of a lifetime
You can never feel again

I wish I could go back, will never be the same again
Bled for all upon this hell on earth
And when I leave this world I hope to see you all again
On the other side of hell on earth
Upon the eyes of good I'm following the light again
In between the dark of hell on earth
On the other side, I′ll see again heaven
So far away from this hell on earth

You dance on the graves who bled for us
Do you really think they'll come for us
Knowledge and virtue taken by lust
Live on the edge of those that you trust
You think that you have all the answers for all
In your arrogant way only one way to fall
Burning a lamp that is fire in your hands
Taking you further from these lands

Love in anger, life in danger
Lost in anger, life in danger

Love in anger, life in danger
Lost in anger, life in danger

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