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Charlie Brown Songtext
von Coldplay

Charlie Brown Songtext

Stole a key
Took a car downtown where the lost boys meet
Took a car downtown and took what they offered me

To set me free
I saw the lights go down at the end of the scene
Saw the lights go down and standing in front of me

In my scarecrow dreams
When they smash my heart into smithereens
Be a bright red rose come bursting the concrete

Be a cartoon heart
Light a fire, a fire a spark
Light a fire, a flame in my heart
We'll run wild
We'll be glowing in the dark
We'll be glowing in the dark

All the boys, all the girls, all that matters in the world
All the boys, all the girls, all the madness that occurs
All the highs, all the lows, as the room a-spinning goes

We'll run riot
We'll be glowing in the dark

So we'll soar
Luminous and wired
We'll be glowing in the dark

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Und ich will ja auch nicht pingelig sein, aber es schreibt sich "smithereens" und nicht "smitharines", aber hey, Coldplay ist weltklasse und dieses Lied ist wunderschön! :)


Es heißt aber nicht "All the mess in the world", sonder "All the madness in the world"! ;)


cooler Song,habe ihn leider erst heute entdeckt,mein leben wäre davor viel schöner gewesen, naja wenigstens jetzt...


I <3 this song

Coldplay Fan

coole Nummer von Coldplay. Hey hey, Charlie Brown! ;-)


»Charlie Brown« gefällt bisher niemandem.