Wozu sind Kriege da? English translation
von Udo Lindenberg

Wozu sind Kriege da? Lyrics Übersetzung

Nobody wants to die, that's for sure
Then what are wars for?
Mr President, you're one of these warlords
You should really give me the answer
Why can°t you explain it to me?
No mother wants to lose her children
And no wife her husband.
So why must soldiers start to march
To murder people - explain that to me
What are wars for?

Mr. President, I am ten years old now
And I'm afraid in this forest of nuclear missiles.
Tell me the truth, tell me now
Why do you want me to risk my life?
And the lives of all others - just tell me why
They load their guns and kill one another
They stand face to face although could be friends
But before they get to know each other
They shoot each other dead
I think that is so crazy
Why should it be so?

Did you ever ask these billions of people worldwide
Whether they like it that way?
Or is it also the money that counts?
A lot of money for the few bigwigs,
Who are building tanks and missiles
And then buy gold and diamonds
For their elegant wives
Or is it also about a religious conflict?
That people can't agree
Which God is the true one?

Or what other reasons are there
Which I consider just as stupid
Well, maybe I still cannot understand
Why wars are necessary
I°m surely still too young to understand
Yes, I°m still a child

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@ Michael: Na gut. Ich finde zwar immer noch gentlemen besser als persons und no one - nobody machen nun wirklich keinen Unterschied! Aber die Änderung der Passivkonstruktion ist in Ordnung und one another, um die Wiederholung von each other zu vermeiden, ist sehr gut. Aber deine frühere Version mit 'themselves' ging gar nicht, denn sie begehen ja keinen Selbstmord. Aber alles gut. Gruß, herder