Udo Lindenberg
Udo Lindenberg Quelle: Universal Music/©Polydor Island Group 2003

Mädchen aus Ost-Berlin English translation
von Udo Lindenberg

Mädchen aus Ost-Berlin Lyrics Übersetzung

Imagine you come to East Berlin
And there you meet a very hot girl
Such a very hot girl from Pankow.
And you find them very important
And she you too.
Then it's already time. You feel that you like being together
And you dream of a rock festival on Alexanderplatz,
With the Rolling Stones and a band from Moscow.

But suddenly it's already ten past eleven
And she says: Hey, you have to be back there by twelve at the latest,
Otherwise there will be the biggest nerves,
Because you only have a day ticket.
girls from East Berlin,
That was really difficult. I had to go, even though I would have loved to have stayed.
I'll be back... and maybe someday it'll be possible without getting on my nerves.
There has to be something to do in the long run.

I hope the boys fix this soon
Because we just want to be together.
Maybe a little longer
Maybe a little tighter.
We just want to be together...

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