Ein ehrenwertes Haus English translation
von Udo Jürgens

Ein ehrenwertes Haus Lyrics Übersetzung

We have been living in this apartment building for a year and are well known here
But imagine what I just found under our front door
It's a letter from our neighbors that says we have to get out!
They mean you and I don't fit into this honorable house
Did you meet here yesterday and then you voted
And the community of all tenants is now writing to us: "Move out of here!"

(Hey hey hey)
(Hey, hey, hey)

Because a wild marriage doesn't fit in this honorable house
Everyone signed it;
take a look at the long list
The woman next door who can never keep her lies to herself
And the one on the ground floor, she spies on everyone every day
This guy who beats his daughter speaks for this' honorable house
And then the fat one who spoils the dog but forgets about her own child
The old man who always explains to us what is forbidden in the house
And the one on the first floor, he looks out the window the whole time

(Hey hey hey)
(Hey, hey, hey)

And it reports anyone who parks incorrectly in front of this honorable house
The gray Don Juan stares shamelessly at you every time in the elevator
The widow who prevented a black man from moving in here
Even the one from above, when the gas man comes, she takes off her dressing gown

They are all ashamed of us, because this is an honorable house
If you ask me, I can't stand this hypocrisy any longer
We pack our seven things and move away from this honorable house

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