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von Udo Jürgens

Aber bitte mit Sahne Lyrics Übersetzung

They meet up daily at a quarter past three
Round their usual table in the corner of the patisserie
And sound the charge on the cake buffet
On Black Forest Cherry and cream meringues
On ice-creams: pineapple, cherry and banana - but please, with cream!

They gossip and champ, then fetch themselves more -
Butter-cream gateaux and bee-sting cakes.
They gasp and splutter, hardly any more goes in
At most a chocolate marshmallow, for it must be done right
With Mathilde, Ottilie, Marie and Liliane
But please, with cream!

And probably everyone's guessed how this song ends
Death in turn creamed them off right there
The survivors could find almost no words for their pain
With Sacher and Linder and marzipan cakes
Liliane was the last to hold true to her pledge
But please, with cream!

But in the end it was all up with Liliane too
She toppled from her chair in the patisserie
On her coffin instead of wreaths there were sugared gateaux
And the priest buried her with moving words
That the Lord God would blaze her a pathway to Heaven
But please, with cream!

One more little cup of tea
But please, with cream!
One more little meringue
But please, with cream!
Or perhaps, it should rather be a cookie...

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