Bochum English translation
von Herbert Grönemeyer

Bochum Lyrics Übersetzung


Deep in the west,
Where the sun gathers dust
It's better
Much better than you think
Deep in the west

You're no beauty
You're grey from work
You love yourself without make-up
You're an honest guy
But you're all screwed up
But that's what makes you special

You've got a pulse of steel
You can hear it loud in the night
You're just too modest
Your mine gold
Has brought us up again,
You're a flower of the region


I come from you
I hang on you
Good luck, Bochum

You are not a cosmopolitan city
On your Königsallee
There are no fashion shows
Here, where the heart still counts
Not big money
Who lives in Düsseldorf

You're a canopy bed for pigeons
And you're always on coke
You've got a summerhouse in the allotment
With a double pass
Every opponent wet
You and your VfL

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