The Shield Songtext
von Solar Fake

The Shield Songtext

Marked down, the innocent victim, blindfold
Lost your bearings in the dark
The endeavour to sharpen the senses
That won′t get you out of here

No words break through the silence in your head
As thoughts crash on the walls
And you stumble again and imminently will fall
Your pleading shall never be heard

But the shield was torn apart
As you try not to hide again
Your shield was torn apart
...defenceless and naked
But the seed that was sown has grown
Without any selection
The seed they've sown has grown
No chance now of correction

It hurts, your body is aching,
Reflecting the pain you have felt all those years
So invariable, every day
With no light to lead you out

It′s useless wasting thoughts on escaping
To wash away all the tears of the nights when you cried
In pure isolation

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