Lost in You Songtext
von Rod Stewart

Lost in You Songtext

Hey baby
You've been on my mind tonight
I'm so lonely I just had to sit down and write
I spent all yesterday
Trying to figure out what i'm gonna say
One letter from the heart
Is so hard to start, baby
How's your momma how's the weather
How's that son of mine, yeah

Hey baby
Been a long time since we made love
I'm stone cold, the bed's hard, and the work is tough
I'm never gonna leave you again
This job ain't worth the pain
No money in the world
Ain't worth being away from you
Ooh baby I don't sleep
Without you by my side, listen

I'm in love with you woman
It's a common known natural fact
And i've found what i'm looking for
And so much more than that
I'm lost in you
I'm lost in you
I'm lost in you
I'm lost in you

Hey baby
You don't know what you've done for me
I'm so happy as any man can deserve to be
I was living in a life of sin
God knows what a mess I was in
So glad you found me
I ain't getting any younger
Hey baby, I just hope
It ain't all a dream


I miss you, baby
(I miss you, too)

I miss your laughing eyes
I miss our baby crying
I wanna lay you out
And kiss you all over
I'm coming home real soon
Be ready cause when I do
I'm gonna make love to you
Like fifteen men

I'm lost in you
And I love it
I'm lost in you
And I love it
I'm lost in, I'm lost in
I'm lost in you
And I just love it (repeat and fade)

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