Kings & Queens Songtext
von Aerosmith

Kings & Queens Songtext

Long ago in days untold
Were ruled by Lords of greed
Maidens fared with gold
They dared to bare their wombs that bleed
Kings and queens and guillotines
Taking lives denied
Starch and parchments laid the laws
When bishops took the ride
Only to deceive
Oh I know I lived this life before
Somehow know now truths I must be sure
Tossin turnin' nightmares burnin' dreams of swords in hand
Sailin' ships the Viking spits the blood of father's land
Only to deceive
Living times of knights and mares
Raising swords for maidens fair
Sneer at death fear only loss of pride
Living other centuries
Deja vu or what you please

Follows true to all who do or die
Screams of no reply they died
Screams of no reply and they died
Lordy lordy and then then they died
Lordy no then they died
(Bass solo)
(Guitar solo)
Live and do or die
(Long ago were days I told... Lord they died)
(Kings and queens and guillotines...)
And they died
Live and no reply
For they died
Screams of no reply
For they died
(Long ago were days I told...)
(Kings and queens and guillotines...)
Lordy, Lordy, they died

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