Loneliest Know Songtext
von Saliva

Loneliest Know Songtext

Someday you′ll find a better person for you
And he'll say that he′s forever
But let me sing another song about you
Go on without an answer

I thought that everything was over
But no one can change the way I feel
I'm not scared anymore

Tomorrow is gone
Farewell don't remember
Bury the life that tore us apart
What does it mean when you say i love you
Even the loneliest know

Pretend that I never called out your name
′Cause my words are not important
What a shame all i ever did was hurt you
And I′ll die right here without you

Repeat pre and

There is no ordinary love
There is no ordinary life for us
There is no ordinary love
What does it mean when you say you'll be there


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