Satisfied Songtext
von Richard Marx

Satisfied Songtext

Yeah, yeah


We work our bodies weary
To stay alive
There must be more to livin′
Than nine to five

Why should we wait for some better time?
There may not even be a tomorrow
Ain't no sense in losing your mind
I′m gonna make it worth the ride

Don't you know?
I won't give up until I′m satisfied
Don′t you know?
Why should I stop until I'm satisfied?

Ignore the hesitation
That ties your hands
Use your imagination
And take a chance

Won′t let my moment of truth pass me by
I've gotta make my move now or never
And if they turn me loose on this town
They′re gonna have to hold me down

Don't you know?
I won′t give up until I'm satisfied
Don't you know?
Why should I stop until I′m satisfied

Don′t you know?
Ain't gonna stop until we′re satisfied
Don't you know?
We shouldn′t stop until we're satisfied
Yeah, yeah
Don′t you know?
Ain't gonna stop until I'm satisfied
Don′t you know?
We won"t give up until we′re satisfied

Why should I stop before I'm satisfied?

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