Superstar Songtext
von Richard Marx

Superstar Songtext

You′re the queen of your own little
World, you really made a splash
Got the offers rollin' in but you′re
Nothing more than high paid trash
Everybody wants to know what goes
On in your head
Pity if they found out that you're lonely
In your bed
Maybe it all happened to you just a
Little too fast
Won't let anybody touch you
So you do it for yourself
Plain to see there′s a woman
Cryin′ out for help
You're a superstar, but
You don′t know who you are
And your money won't
Get you very far
You′re a mystery,

Nothing can set you free
Your demons haunt you endlessly
You face the end of your youth in a tired
Little masquerade
You talk to people with a tongue like a
Newly sharpened razor blade
Yours is not a life that lets you take a
Look inside
Morals and convictions meet a fate of
But in the end you'll be sleeping in the
Bed you made
All you want′s a daddy
The one you never had
A need for understanding
Aching in your head
You're a superstar, but you don't know
Who you are
And your money won′t get you very far
You′re a mystery, it seems so clear to me
There's something that you′d rather be
Take a look around you now
Before it's much too late
Make the choice to change
Or be a victim of your fate
All your life you′ve been
Running from the girl inside
You're a superstar, but you don′t know
Who you are
And your fame won't get you very far
You're a mystery, oh but it′s plain to see
There′s someone that you'd rather be

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