Tightrope Songtext
von Papa Roach

Tightrope Songtext

My words are weapons, in which I murder you with
Please don′t be scared, please do not turn your head
With homicidal minds and handguns
We are insane, nothing will change

There is a thin line between what is good and what is evil
And, I will tiptoe down that line, but I will feel unstable
My life is a circus and I am tripping down that tightrope
Well, there is nothing to save me now, so I will not look down
And again, and again, and again,
And it happens again and again, and again

I speak of madness, my heart and soul
I cry for people who have got no control
Lets take our sanity, lets take compassion
And be responsible for every action
Hell no, no how, no way, no way, no way, no how, no way, no how

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