Interlude - Impossibles & Obstacles Songtext
von Icon for Hire

Interlude - Impossibles & Obstacles Songtext

Got a lot of stuff to say
I'm not scared to get revealing
I don't pay for therapy
I get paid to speak my feelings
Reach my hand inside down my throat
Pull my heart up in the hopes
Somebody see through the smoke
Recognize they're not alone

I don't promise answers
I can probably promise problems though
I got lots of thoughts about impossibles and obstacles
Alternate my strategy based on the given day, yeah
Some days I'm a breakthrough
Some days I'm about to break

Everything I say feels a little bit fake
When I feel my instability making my nerves shake
Maybe this was a mistake, making them think I'm okay
Now they're looking at me like, "Tell me who I'm supposed to be"
But what's the other option?
Keep my progress to myself
And pretend I'm in the same place as when I wrote Get Well?
No, I clawed tooth and nail to get out of that hell
And I'm not talking contracts in case you can't tell
But if you want to talk about the label I can do that too
Oh never mind, I think I signed an NDA but I'm not sure
Everyone's got their idea of how to make it through
DIY 'til we die, Icon Army on the loose

And I did think
You just wanna fuck with me
Did we get it?

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