Gehet hin und vermehret euch deutsche Übersetzung
von Udo Jürgens

Gehet hin und vermehret euch Lyrics Übersetzung

(song indexed for some time in Bavaria (Germany) directly after release 1998)

Be fruitful and multiply

It is time to be alerted:
Each day human kind increases
of 300 000 on our planet.
Each week more than 2 million,
each month more humans are born
new onto this world,
than are living in New York (City).
But we don't want to know,
it is not our problem yet;
it does not touch us, so
it is not our concern either.

It will be to late at point of realisation.
Where humans are the poorest
they multiply most rapidly.
Far too little place on earth already now
it will be less and less.
It is not war, diseases or catastrophes, no;
it is mankind itself
who destroys the living sphere.
A protector of only environment
has to save the whole world:
5 billions are enough!

Hooray, the fifth billion is done,
The rainbow press cries "Congratulate!"
New world record of births!
Thou shalt love your neighbour and multiply
Now it will be defeated against hunger of the world
And now - the next billion will be begotten!

One (JP.II) has friendly hands
and a good and wise face,
but does he think reality to the end
when he talks eternity?

Condom forbidden and contraception as well -
because an authorised voice says:
Be fruitful and multiply!
Be fruitful and multiply!

The sixth billion is quickly reached,
the beginning is hard, the end is easy.
The planet gets fully placed with humans
until it bursts at the seams
The migthy behave like there is no threat,
like the planet could be inflated.

The world has such nice children
of which so many are starving.
Still, they are looking forward
to receive the next high (papa's) visit.

Still the show goes on, it is not over,
still enough cheap standing places free:
Be fruitful and multiply!
Be fruitful and multiply!

The tenth billion, inevitable -
never mankind exploded like this.
Don't risk a view back to the future
après-nous, le déluge - the luck in front of us.
Too little to live and too much to die,
Doesn't have the devil his hands in the game?

He has so many faces
pretty masks of perfidy;
the lord will turn into a wrecker
if he continues like this.

Roll-up! No difference whether rich or poor,
come all together into the eternal amusement!
Be fruitful and multiply!
Be fruitful and multiply!

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