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von Silbermond

Kartenhaus Lyrics Übersetzung

I'm looking for what makes me forget
It's dark in my life
And that the night occupies the day
And doesn't leave me a spark of light

I'm not missing anything and yet I'm missing a lot
I'm too weak to get up again
And too strong to lie here
Now I woke up

hold the light in my hands
Haven't thought about it
That the tide is turning again

You made my life new
Infect me with your power
You make everything so livable
I don't want to fight back

You put up a candle
And bring the light into my world
You make my life a house of cards
built on you

Like every word needs a voice
As the moon dips into each night
Like every truth her face
I need you too

You are the wind and you carry me high
And I know you can see me fly
And also, in a word, force it to crash
woke up again

With the darkness in my hands
I never would have thought that
That the tide is turning again

you made my life
And you didn't think anything of it
You were the meaning and the worth of life
And now none of that is worth anything

You just put out my candle
Because you don't need them anymore
You make my life a house of cards
And pull out the bottom card

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