Ouvertüre deutsche Übersetzung
von Andrew Lloyd Webber

Ouvertüre Lyrics Übersetzung

This is Control!
This is Control!
Tonight is the most important night in the history of the world!
Take your seats for the great race!
Who will win the Silver Dollar?
Will it be diesel?
Will it be electric?
Or will it be steam?
The tension is unbearable at the track here tonight!

Mother: Put those trains away!

Control:Oh Mom, just five more minutes?

Mother:Put them away and into bed!
Control:But...Mother:No buts!

(sings) When the night is darkest,
open up your mind,
The dream begins,
it's becoming clearer.

Listen to the distance,listen and you'll find
The Midnight Train is getting nearer.

Control & Mother:

Starlight Express,
Starlight Express,
Are you real?
Yes or no?Starlight Express,
Starlight Express...


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