Pickle Rick Songtext
von Ekoh

Pickle Rick Songtext

Yeah, yeah
Gettin' the lines
Got a feelin' I'm feelin' just fine
From beginning to ending of time
I am just fuckin' around with these rhymes
They been lookin' for someone that got it
I get to the stage and I'm fittin' to rock it
And every word will just land in the pocket
A crowd of these kids and they rockin' hot topic
I'm stupid ironic, addicted to comics
And tryin' to love but I've rarely been honest
A step to the mic and they lookin' astonished
I'm blazin' the lines like a primo of chronic
I'm feelin' this shit in my soul, I'm
Tryin' to stay off my phone, time
Tickin' away and I know, I
Only got one life to go, sigh
Livin' it up you can find me at home on a Saturday night
Just not givin' a fuck, I'm not fillin' my cup with promethazine
That is a 7up mixed with some Red Bull and grenadine
Y'all don't be gettin' me right like you fucked up your shit
And they gave you the wrong dose of ketamine
But it's alright I've been feeling just fine
When you're stayin' 100 feet from me like centipedes

We surfin' Netflix, yo, I can never find a show
With my girl we'll probably be fuckin' before we find one, oh
That's alright 'cause I would take some head over this club all day
And when the doorbell rings it's
The Domino's guy with pizza, ayy! (Pizza, ayy!)
Maybe I'm livin' the dream (Livin' the dream)
Maybe I've been plugged in the matrix asleep (Asleep)
These people always come with negativity
And tryin' to rent some space up in my head
This ain't Airbnb! (Bnb!)

Either way, homie, I'm feelin' blessed
So, call me Elon Musk, I've needed space from every ex
You want my heart but that shit will just stay inside my chest
I know that I was built from Vibranium like Wakanda, bitch!
Never been faking, I've really been
Taken the music is really a part of me
But I know gettin' a label to get with your
Shit and put up is like winning the lottery
What a dichotomy, go between love
And the thought of the money to dropping the quality
Just to make somethin' the radio plays and
Will put in the face of the listener constantly, whoo!
Tryna keep me hidden but they just afraid
And lockin' me up in the box, but I'm Harry Houdini, ayy
You see I've got IT, but they push me out, I don't complain
They treatin' us like Pennywise and keep us in these sewer drains

I'm pullin' Georgie down
Your homies pouring 40's out
This scene is filled with people getting fucked
It's more like orgies now, and
And I don't wanna be part of this mess
That's not what I'm about
So, swoop me up and take me to a
Different place like Dorothy's House
See, if I only had a brain, and a heart
Well, actually the opposite will
Have your music on these charts
So, fuck the wizard and the road I'm leaving Oz
And maybe this is new religious rap
'Cause I'm a motherfuckin' God!

I'm Jumpin' from nothin' to something
I'm thinkin' they really don't know, ayy
But it's getting that time of the month
And I'm bringin' the heaviest flow, ayy
See they just don't get it I'm bringing
The party like I was a gun of confetti
I'm rockin' the tools and I'm battling fools
Like I just threw up all mom's spaghetti
Yeah, too much sauce
Too many bars, too many songs
Too much love, too many scars
Too many people feelin' like there's nothin' they relate to
Open my Spotify and play it, man, this is the breakthrough (Yeah)
They said that white boy is wild dope (Wild dope)
He's spittin' venom like Eddie's alien Symbiote
These other rappers talkin' zannies, guns and fuckin' hoes
I'm tryna hit the park and skate a bit
Before I'm headed home (Headed home)
Yeah, maybe that's it
They all been askin' how to get these people listenin'
See, they don't understand how music can be simple shit
Just mixin' in a little pop culture, I'm fuckin' Pickle Rick

Turned myself into a pickle, Morty
Boom! Big reveal: I'm a pickle
I'm Pickle Rick
Pick-pickle Rick! Pick-pickle Ri-i-i-i
Pick-pickle Rick! Pick-pickle Ri-i-i-i
Wow, dude, I-I, honestly, I don't even know what we're doing at this point
This is, this is too much

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