Nights I Can't Remember Friends I'll Never Forget Songtext
von Toby Keith

Nights I Can't Remember Friends I'll Never Forget Songtext

Me and JB and Sonny, we grew up on the buddy plan
Weren't we some bad mothers, closer than brothers
Had a rockin' little three-piece band
Yeah we wrote a lot of songs about women
Then we tried to sing 'em pretty for the girls
Pushin' everythin' we did to the limit
Livin' right out on the edge of the world.

I recall on summer night at a party
We were sophomores hangin' out by the lake
I got off on some wine with a waitress
Sonny had a girlfriend that just couldn't wait
JB hooked up around midnight
With an ugly girl from up in the city
He downed every can of beer in the cooler
Just tryin' to drink that poor thing pretty.

Hey me and the boys we made a lot of noise
And we, sang all our songs for free
We partied through college, acquired some knowledge
Never did get a degree
We did it our way lookin' back on the good days
There's still not a lot I regret
Nights I Can't Remember, Friends I'll Never Forget.

I grew up and got married, took a job with the FPL
Sonny's got a good life, a baby and a good wife
And everyday he carries the mail
JB is a cross-country trucker
And he called last night from South Carolina
He said I fallen in love with a waitress
That I met at a Waffle House diner.

He said the years seem to roll on faster
Than they did back when we were kids
Then we need us a break from the grindstone
That's exactly what we did.

We put in a phone call to Sonny
Then we stayed out all night long
We drank a few cold ones, then told a few old ones
And sang another verse to the song.

Yeah we were boys who made a lot of noise
And we, sang all our songs for free

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