Don't Take the Girl Songtext
von Tim McGraw

Don't Take the Girl Songtext

Johnny's daddy, was takin' him fishing
when he was eight years old
A little girl came through the front gate
holdin' a fishin' pole
His dad looked down and smiled
said we can't leave her behind
Son I know you don't want her to go
but someday you'll change your mind

And Johnny said
Take Jimmy Johnson, take Timmy Thompson
take my best friend Bo
Take anybody that you want as, long as she don't go
Take any boy in the world
Daddy please, don't take the girl

Same old boy, same sweet girl
ten years down the road
He held her tight and kissed her lips in
front of the picture show
Stranger came and pulled a gun
grabbed her by the arm
Said if you do what I tell you to there
won't be any harm

And Johnny said
Take my money, take my wallet
take my credit cards
Here's the watch that my grandpa gave me
here's the key to my car
Mister give it a whirl
But please, don't take the girl

Same old boy, same sweet girl
five years down the road
There's gonna be a little one and she
says it's time to go
Doctor says the baby's fine
but you'll have to leave
'Cause his momma's fading fast and, Johnny hit his knees

And there he prayed
Take the very, breath you gave me
take the heart from my chest
I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me
make this my last request
Take me out of this world
God please, don't take the girl
Johnny's daddy was taking him fishing
When he was eight years old

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