Nighthawkin' Songtext
von Tim Buckley

Nighthawkin' Songtext

I was a nighthawkin′ in my taxi
On a cruise below the deadline
My fare was a shaky ol' lush
So I kicked it over and took off
Then he whipped out this switch blade
Straight outta nowhere level to my throat
He said "You ever been over to the war boy"
I said "Man I was a combat paratrooper daddy"
Well then he slump back cool and he pocket that steel
He said "Take me down to Fourth and Main"
Ah that paratroop bluff always cools oh the red eyed geezers down

Man that last block that cat was singing
Man he was sittin′ in the backseat singing to me this song
I got my VAR boy
I got my M1 on my hip right
You better listen mr president
Oh boy don't you mess up with my war, boy
I wanna do I wanna do
Lord I wanna do the Blood Boogaloo
I'm just a Redneck son of a gun
I wanna kill me a gook before dawn
Ah, night hawkin′ for my change

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