Sweet Surrender Songtext
von Tim Buckley

Sweet Surrender Songtext

Now you wanna know the reason
Why I cheated on you?
Well, I had to be a hunter again
This little man had to try
To make love feel new again

′Cause there's just a few things, honey
I′m not old enough to do for you, ohh
And they're the things, momma
You just never care to show me, ohh

So this flim-flam lover boy
Found him a flamingo
And his flamingo
Showed him how to tango

And when they tangoed
It'd send their hearts a flutter
Teased him ′till he′d stutter
Made him so young and tender

Sweet to surrender
And so sweet surrender
In sweet surrender
Ahh, sweet surrender to love

But now you're gonna go out
And get yourself a reputation
But I′m gonna have to show you
Where to start

And then you're gonna bring back
Your little reputation
And prove to me
What I could not prove to you

′Cause I was just too young at heart
I'm just too cold, honey
Just too hard to care
Just too hard, ′right
To surrender
Surrender to love

Sweet surrender
Surrender to love

If we could
Just surrender
Love would heal the mess we've made
So give it up, momma, ahh
It ain't gonna be no good
It keeps goin′ round and round

You hurt me
Then I hurt you again
All that′s left to do, ahh
Is give it up, ahh-ha-ha
No, no, give it up
And surrender, ahh-ha-ha, momma

Sweet surrender
Sweet surrender
Surrender your love
Surrender love
Ohh, surrender, momma
Ohh, surrender that love

Sweet, sweet, sweet, surrender, momma
You to love
To love
To love

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