I've Been Out Walking Songtext
von Tim Buckley

I've Been Out Walking Songtext

Hey, I′ve been out walking
Ain't done too much talking these days
Ah Lord, I sit alone and weep all the time to hesitate
Ah, now darling don′t you cry

I'm just waiting for the sun to shine
Ain't got no heart to sell you
Ain′t got no time to tell you
All the answers you came to hear

I just came down from the mountains
And now you know me when
I was just a child in your heart
I been waiting so long to say it

I been losing but I been choosing
I′ve been living on borrowed time
Trying to pay back the debts I owe you
Ah, but I never show you

Why the river could be a woman
Why the sky will ever open
I just want to be here tonight love

I wanna take myself a plane back home
I got a sweet little woman, oh, but I'm gone now
And I wonder what my little darling does for love

She′s walking all alone and here I'm trying to get back home
Hey, tell me is there a sadder place to be right now
Ah, but now I could here those mountains ringing all around me

I feel it won′t take too long to get through it and sing a song
Ah, but I don't know if my love can last, oh no
You know I just came in on the rail

Ah, damn to keep me another shirt tail
And I been trying to make it ever since, oh love
I got a name but mama don′t you know I'm ashamed

I been out walking now I ain't been too in much talking
Oh Lord, my heart′s got too much to yield
Yes, but I bring you in now darling

Remember when I was so strong
How the liquor and women wore me down
I′m on my knees begging, oh please

Hear the mountains ringing, hear the birds a singing
Feel the sun shine on your hands
Just smell the river flow, well now
I know my love is growing hear the way the children smile

Makes you glad that you been choosing
Which time you been losing
Ah, ain't it great being alive

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