Nothingman (demo) Songtext
von Pearl Jam

Nothingman (demo) Songtext

Once divided, nothing left to subtract
Some words when spoken, can′t be taken back
Walks on his own, with thoughts he can't help thinking
Future′s above, but in the past he's slow and sinking

Caught a bolt a lightnin', cursed the day he let it go
Nothingman, Nothingman, isn′t it something? Nothingman

She once believed in every story he had to tell
One day she stiffened took the other side
Empty stares, from each corner of a shared prison cell
One just escapes, one′s left inside the well
And he who forgets, will be destined to remember, oh oh oh

Nothingman, Nothingman, isn't it something? Nothingman

Oh, she don′t want him
Oh, she won't feed him, after he′s flown away
Oh, into the sun
Into the sun

Nothingman, Nothingman isn't it something? Nothingman
Nothingman, Nothingman, coulda′ been something
Oh... ohh... ohh...

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