By My Side Songtext
von Papermoon

By My Side Songtext

Woke up today without you
I never thought this could happen to me
I still hear you say "I miss you"
I still hear you say "I need to be free"

Out on the streets rain is falling
And it looks like how I feel
Even the wind is calling
Missing you like I did

How could I ever stop these tears from falling
Will I ever close my eyes tonight
How could I ever live without you
By my side

I know that someday you'll wake up
Turning around and trying to find
The one you have lost
The love you gave up
The love you have left behind


And if you are lost and lonely
Knock on my door and I'll be there
Tell me I am the one and only
Tell me you're through be care

Then finally I stop these tears from falling
Then finally I close my eyes in the night
How could I ever lived without you
By my side

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