In My Dreams Songtext
von Papermoon

In My Dreams Songtext

I haven′t seen you quite a while
I didn't hear your voice talk to me
Like you used to do
I haven′t felt your touch a while
I'll be there
If you believe in me and you
And if this walls around us
Should crumble and fall
Take me as I am
'Cause I can′t wait no more; can′t take it no more
I'm lost; can′t find my way

And still my dreams are the same
You stand beside me again
You take my hand and we walk together
Tonight I will whisper your name
In my dreams again and again

I wake up to the morning light
I turn around to see
The one that used to lie there
The one that used to hold me like a baby
The one that used to care

I've tried to live this life alone
Without you by my side
I have tried in vain
Tried in vain

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