As One Songtext
von Papermoon

As One Songtext

I was wrong, I know it hurt you
Forgive me is all I can say
I tried too hard to find the words to say
We′ll find a way
We hurt ourselves, when we hurt each other
We still keep doing it again
Take my hand, be my brother
We dont't need to play that game

What ever may come, we′ll stay together
You are the one who makes me live again
Can't you feel our hearts beating together
Beating as one
As one

Times of joy and times of sorrow
So much we've been through
I don′t care what comes tomorow
All I need in my life is you


Dry your eyes now
It′s getting better
Don't you get yourself down
It′s no sacrifice now we'll stay together
Is it love we have found
Is it hard to keep it forever
Is it hard to believe


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