Ordinary Girl Songtext
von Papermoon

Ordinary Girl Songtext

When I was just eight years old
My mother came to me and thatÂ′s what she told me:
"YouÂ're somehow different, I donÂ′t know why
But if you want youÂ'll reach the sky"

I grew up, searching my place
But soon I felt I was from outer space
What I needed was a friend
But no one really could understand me

I whish I was an ordinary girl
Living in an ordinary world
Playing all the ordinary games people play
Why canÂ't I be the same

I came to school, felt like emprisoned
The teachers taught me things I didnÂ′t want to know
Felt like a fool, couldnÂ′t find the reason
To learn Â'bout algebra instead of Marilyn Monroe

When I went out and everyone was partyinÂ′
Was only me who felt like in the wrong place
I always wanted to be like everybody
With average thoughts and an average face

I whish I was an ordinary girl...

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