My Bad Side Songtext
von Papa Roach

My Bad Side Songtext

i want to let you in on a story
that i got to tell
about good dreams in heaven not
bad dreams in hell
started with punk rock
and then evolved to hip hop
the party popped off
like the fireworks on my block
alonzo is the street that i take dweel
a little white trash
and a little bit swell
i take you back
and take a step down
july was the month
i was born 8 pounds
my bad side
my sign is leo defraud the hoax with a ruby
king of the jungle yet i try to be humble
but i should to let yall know what im' about
attack your brain fast drop knowledge
the i'm out i'm a freak but i got some class
i'll bring the fucking ruckus
and you can bring the grass
have a session
good times is the lesson
the men will cease fire and
the girls could stop stressin
come on baby doll please jerk me off
perverted state of mind
baby help me get my nut off
whats wrong girly
don't know the art of a quicky
my balls hang low
and they produce something icky
from my dick to your skin
hands rub it in
i know you love lotion baby
thats how i begin
sexual feeding in my dreams
she was screaming down on her knees
as she eating on my seamen
i've this problem
i don't wanna say
but to tell you the truth everybody
i be doing it every day
you may think i'm stupid
you may think im queer
but to tell you the truth everybody
jackin off is better than beer!
my bad side

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