I Won't Drink Again Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

I Won't Drink Again Songtext

Meet you in the morning
Backstage pass' still on my neck
I smell like stinky, old boots
All night dancing on the deck

Dry rogue's in the corner
Of my mouth, it's not from you
My head swims, you're just shouting
And I don't know what to do

So I swear
I will be a stronger man
And I swear, baby I won't drink again

So you say, I must get over it
'Coz you found me in the garbage
When I got a bad hangover
I look like Santa Claus
You say if I won't be sober
You pick up the kids and leave me
So I lie to you all the time
I swear, I won't drink again

You want me to grow up
'Coz you think my life's a mess
But I won't be like our neighbours
For sure, this I must confess

I won't tend to the roses
Instead I go to pub
Sing "Pocket full of posies"
I just don't give a fuck

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