Cast Away Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Cast Away Songtext

As I walk along the lonely shore
On life I'm wondering
Don't know why is it so hard to let go
All that I believed
Leave the child inside me on the road
For the man I must become
I hope I find the place where I belong

The night is dark, I need find
A lighthouse on the coast
It should lead me and it's light my mind
And drive away my ghosts
I early learned the power of love
But many times I've failed
As I could free myself from all my chains

Here I go a castaway
Try to turn my storm to silence
Here I go against the dark to find the light
Here I go against the rain
To find my soaking soul asylum
'Til I find peace for my broken heart

My prideful mind is always false to my pure humble heart
Always leads me to the wrong decision 'til I fall apart
Responsibility, it must win over happiness
But my idealistic soul won't acquiesce

So I find myself in doubt
But I'm holding on
It's a lifelong blackout
But I'm holding on
I feel I lost my route
But I'm holding on
Desperately I'm crying out
That I'm holding on

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